Kiki Bosch
Kiki Bosch
Freediver, daredevil, adventurer


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We should always aim to disturb the comfort of everyday life, to stretch our belief systems and expand our possibilities. But we also need to find comfort when we are not feeling our best, to lend a hand and give a shoulder to cry on for those in need of it. It is our obligation to our community, our tribe to find the balance between both.

Life views:
Live life boldly,courageous & be true to yourself.
I believe in living your own authentic life. It is not always easy to follow your own windy road instead of the highway.
But keep the following quote in mind;
“If the path is beautiful why would you ask where it leads.”
So often we are entirely focussed on achieving something, getting that promotion, better job, or whatever your desired destination is. But we need to remember to enjoy the path we are following, enjoy the little things along the way.

To me, nutrition goes far beyond the food we eat, it is the thoughts we have, feelings we cherish, connection to earth and others around us. I am a firm believer in a plant-based lifestyle because, for me, this way of living contributes to all of the above. By not eating animals and their products I feel lighter, better and decrease my carbon footprint. That being said I do believe in compassion before any of this, holding space for other belief systems, cultures and ways of living. I firmly stand behind the quote; “Compassion for all animals, human and non-human”.

Through my way of living, I try to have as little impact on the earth as possible. With my blogs in this field aim to raise awareness of the Earth and its resources.  I believe that every small thing you do makes a difference.
Never force your beliefs on others but rather show them alternative ways of living by living them yourself.  Make earth-friendly choices, decrease your waste and most important be kind to others. Hold space for every person that you meet, animal you encounter and respect the soil you walk on.

Something we often fail to acknowledge is that our minds are truly magical. We are capable of learning, creating, thinking and so much more. Often these skills are believed to have boundaries and borders. When we tap into our own mind we realize how many of those borders we have created ourselves. As good as we are in creating them, it can be hard breaking them down. Sometimes, letting go of these assumptions can create space for more awareness and allows our minds to thrive as they were meant to.

Through shifting my mindset and holding space for learning I accomplished things I never thought possible. I learned to remember a deck of cards just within a week, I Learned to endure freezing water for more than 30 minutes and hiked up mountains in my shorts and ran half a marathon for 10 days consecutively. These are just a few personal examples of the power of the mind. Through my page, events, coaching  I hope to inspire others to challenge their belief systems and mind in the best way possible.